the flower girl


Being a flower girl doesn’t seem like much, but to the little girl who gets to wear the little, poofy, white dress, it is everything. Leading the bride down the aisle with a basket of flower petals becomes the most important responsibility to that little girl. The excitement that she feels from being included in such an important day is adorable.

the cake


There are not many things that everyone can agree on, but the love for dessert is shared by close to everyone. There are many different ways a wedding cake could look. The cake is just another thing that is made specific to the couple’s special night. The couple could choose to have one cake they plan to cut and share with everybody, or they could choose to have a small cake just for them while they serve the others cupcakes.

No matter the way a couple chooses to serve dessert at their wedding, it’s going to be perfect because no one can turn down sweets.

the family


There may be times where your family's only goal is to severely embarrass you in public, but they are always able to make you laugh. You may not always get along, you may not always like them, but you'll always love them.

So, why wouldn't you want photos of these awesome people to hang up around the house?

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the fdrw recap


Bismarck-Mandan’s 2018 Family Day Riverwalk was a success! The PhotoStudio’s tent was a hit. We were visited by many kids, eager to win a water bottle decorated with their favorite animated characters. Next year we'll have to bring more t-shirts to make sure you all get one.

Thank you for all of your support.

the mini sessions


We at Ethan Arlien Co. know that it is important for families to capture the special moments in life, to have pictures to show the generations to come, but we also know that it can be a challenge to get the entire family to pose and hold still in front of a camera for hours, and your face can get incredibly sore after all of that smiling. You don’t have to worry. Ethan Arlien Co has come to the rescue! With Mini Sessions, you can get beautiful photos without posing for hours.

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the family day riverwalk


The Family Day Riverwalk is all about family and having a fun time together. The Riverwalk is happening Wednesday, July 18 at Sertoma Park. The event is open from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm. It is a day filled with fun activities for the entire family to enjoy. Join the PhotoStudio and many other local businesses in celebrating our community.

the wedding decorations


No matter the style of the wedding, the decorations never fail to amaze me. The decorations could look elegant with roses and jewels, or they could look classically country with sunflowers and burlap. Some decorations are even “do it yourself” ideas from Pinterest. All are perfect.

The decorations are another way that the couple can express themselves, and they do not deserve less than special and beautiful decorations on their special day.

the babies


We photographed a beautiful newborn this past week. It was crazy to see how little she was and how awesome her mom was at knowing what she needed! Naturally, during a newborn shoot, a baby will cry. But that's okay because moms know instinctively what to do. And in no time a baby is content and relaxed. It makes me excited to have kids of my own someday! I am well aware of the challenges in raising a child but seeing this little girl developed a desire in me to be a mom. Some people call it baby fever and I've come down with it!

But can you blame me? Just look at this little doll!

the happiness


That’s what I love to capture right there, the shared look between the couple. Engagement shoots are one of my favorite sessions. There are many reasons for it. Interacting with couples who are so kind and full of excitement! I always look forward to getting to know our new couple and start this journey with them during the engagement session and work with them throughout their journey until their wedding day.

I love it; capturing pure, empowering, and everlasting love.