the gifts


As the couple receiving the gifts, it’s no trouble to open them and send a thank you card, but as for the people buying these gifts, sometimes it can serve to be quite challenging. It’s hard to make sure to get a gift that isn’t generic but would still be useful for the newlywed couple. To those buying wedding gifts, good luck.

the vision


It’s a lie to say you haven’t envisioned your wedding day at least once. Whether you imagined the dress, the venue, the decorations, or just simply knew what kind of cake you wanted, your vision is important. At Ethan Arlien Co we help you capture your vision so you can see it in the photos you will look back on for many years to come.

the october bridal show


Attention soon to be brides, October is here, and the 2018 Bisman Bridal Show is this Sunday at the Bismarck Event Center, 12:00pm - 4:00pm. This show is extremely helpful for soon to be brides where Ethan Arlien Co is the featured photographer. Make an appearance at the bridal show and get all the help you need to plan your special day.

Come and visit Ethan Arlien Co. and many other vendors at the 2018 BisMan Bridal Show.

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the photos


Photos are everything. You may not enjoy having to pose and smile in front of a camera, but years from now when you’re looking at the beautiful photos from your wedding, you’re going to be glad that you tolerated the inconvenience. Ethan Arlien Co captures the photos you’ll want to look at for years to come.

the planning


Planning a wedding can be extremely stressful, but keep in mind the more you plan ahead of time, the less you have to worry on your special day. This is why at Ethan Arlien Co we get a list of your requested photos, so we are the ones worrying about getting the beautiful photos you want to make sure you get to worry less and celebrate more on your wedding day.

the toasts


There are surprisingly quite a few toasts that are traditionally made at a wedding. The maid of honor toasts the groom, the best man toasts the bride, the financer of the wedding toasts the couple, and finally, the couple toasts their guests. These heartfelt toasts are filled with hilarious, embarrassing, and memorable stories that are the perfect addition to the couple’s special day.

the first dance


It can be quite nerve-racking getting up in front of hundreds of people to dance with your spouse alone on the dancefloor. Just remember that those hundreds of people are your friends and family, and they aren’t there to judge you on your dancing skills. Your spouse may be the new star in your life, but this is not dancing with the stars.

the 2018 bridal show


Attention soon to be brides, October is coming up fast, and so is the 2018 Bisman Bridal Show where Ethan Arlien Co. is the featured photographer. Make an appearance at the bridal show and get all the help you need to plan your special day. 

Come and visit Ethan Arlien Co. and many other vendors at the 2018 BisMan Bridal Show.

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the best man


The best man is just that, the groom’s best man. The best man the guy who always has the groom’s back, and is good at bailing him out of trouble when he needs it. Then, at the reception, the best man toasts his best friend’s new wife and the couple. The best man has plenty of hilarious stories to share about the groom, but it’s best not to embarrass him on his wedding day.

the venue


The venue holds a different amount of importance for different couples. Some couples only have three criteria for a venue, a big dance floor, can fit all their guests, good acoustics. Other couples want a place with a great location, a beautiful view, a big dance floor, can fit all their guests, good acoustics, and more. The couple’s choice of venue comes down to one thing, which place will make them the happiest. It is their special night, everyone is celebrating them.

the maid of honor


The maid of honor is the bride’s best friend. She’s the one who’s always able to make the bride laugh, and is always there for a shoulder to cry on. At the wedding, her job is to make sure the bride is happy. She is there to talk down the bride when she starts to get nervous, and she’s there to crack a joke when the bride starts to overreact. Then, at the reception, the maid of honor toasts her best friend’s new husband and the couple. The maid of honor has countless of heartfelt stories to share about the bride, so make sure to have a tissue at the ready.

the reception


The ceremony is over, the couple has been married, now it’s time to celebrate them at the reception. After all the stress caused by planning a wedding, the couple finally gets to relax and have fun with their family, in a night full of music, dancing, and laughter.

Ethan Arlien Co is here to help you capture these exciting moments.

the rings


A couple’s wedding rings can be believed to be the most important things in the entire wedding. They are the only things that each of them will wear every day to come to remind them of their special day. The rings represent something that is never-ending. They are what started it all, and they are the things that are going to be there long after the day of the wedding has passed, to remind a couple of their promise to each other.

the ring bearer


The boy chosen to be the ring bearer at a wedding may not realize it, but his job comes with much responsibility. He has to take care of two small, and very important items, the rings. The ring bearer may not be old enough to know, but a lot of pressure is resting on his little shoulders, and a good sum of money went into buying those two rings sitting on his fancy pillow.

the summer savings


It’s your last chance to take advantage of the summer savings Ethan Arlien Co is providing with our 2018 Mini Sessions. We know it isn’t easy to get siblings to tolerate each other for very long, let alone pose nicely in a photo together, so we have made a way to get the photos you want without all of the stress. With Mini Sessions, you can get beautiful photos without posing for hours.

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