Ethan Arlien

My attraction to photography came later in life. While it was always fun to document my travels and adventures with friends, it remained a scrap-booking hobby. As it started to become time to select a career for my life I first started with journalism – still in accordance with my documentation efforts as a child. I then started designing elements to enhance my documentation. This sprouted my passion for designing, first in print then, to digital. As I delved into my studies, photography became a component of creating print and digital advertisements. I was soon shooting for fun.

To now have a job where I get to contribute to others’ documentation of their life is the best career I could have chosen.


Rachel Roehrich

I am the Office Assistant for Ethan Arlien Companies, and I am a sophomore at Century High School. I participate in Student Congress and am a member of the school's debate team. Both of these things have taught me valuable lessons, such as seeing disagreements from many points of view and how to work well under pressure. My family is always the first to support me, and the ones that make me laugh the hardest. My mother is to blame for my extra-organized personality, but it has served to be very helpful and will continue to do so in the future.


Kayla Bornemann

Hello! I am the marketing and communications intern for Ethan Arlien Companies. I have always loved music, horses, and speech. All of these things have given me many skills when it comes to people. While horse riding, I am more dressed down in both clothing and personality, but speech has given me a much more professional persona. I love both aspects of my life, and I know when to bring each part out.